Durand Le Sueur has spent his entire career involved in the production of commercials in unchartered territories and has over the past 10 years produced/executive produced more than 300 films. Durand firmly believes that that the only constant is change and as Africa evolves, so does he. More and more will the big brands move to produce in country!

In this venture he moves into line producing which will enable him to work with like-minded filmmakers who already produce world class commercials but need the services of a seasoned professional with local knowledge of any country on the African Continent.





Maritza Share is Durand’s back end support and manages all the bookings and administration ensuring that all the blocks are ticked and the production runs smoothly.

She maintains the relationship with all our suppliers and is constantly gathering information to enhance our service delivery.





Where we have worked

Africa is what we do. We have produced in following countries:


South Africa             Botswana

Namibia                    Gabon

Angola                      Togo

Mozambique             Zimbabwe

Zambia                     Madagascar

Rwanda                    Seychelles

Uganda                     Mali

Kenya                       Congo Brazzaville

Ethiopia                    Maldives

Tanzania                  Sudan

DRC Congo             Guinea

Nigeria                     Egypt

Ghana                      Algeria

Benin                       Tunisia

Cameroon                Libya

Senegal                   Morocco

Mauritius                  Cote d’ Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 

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